Press release May 2, 2013

JOLLY JULY – a summer festival for all the family!

Now here for you is a two-word riddle,
And solving it will be a doddle.
The first’s a word that rhymes with ‘holly’,
The answer simply must be ‘jolly’.

Now when does time just seem to fly?
You ask yourself, ‘I wonder why?’
As in your bed at night you lie:
The answer simply must be ‘July’.

A month for games and lots of fun,
Of music, holidays and sun.
A festival for which to die,
It must be Kuhmo’s Jolly July!

Jolly July is an important part of the Kuhmo summer: a time when there’s plenty for all the family to do together – culture, nature and exercise. Come and join in the fun! Take the children with you, bring Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa along for a month of fun, dreams, music, sounds, silence, feeling good, being together and surprises.

Once again the Kuhmo Jolly July team promises all this and more besides in summer 2013. Jolly July will this year be held for the seventh time, from June 30 to July 31, taking in 91 first-class culture and nature events for children, families and the young-at-heart in general.

The founders and main organisers of Jolly July – Juminkeko, the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, the Kuhmo Arts Centre, the Petola Nature Centre and the Sommelo Folk Music Festival – have recruited nine other members for their Children’s Kuhmo team: two newcomers – the Kuhmon Hanka-Martat Martha organisation and the Lentiira Village Association – and our old friends Kainuun Pirtti Oy, the Kuhmolainen Athletics Cup, the Tanssin Ystävät dance association, Kuhmo Library, the Kuhmo branch of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL), the Tuupala Museum and the Winter War Museum. Together they have created a programme of events lasting 32 days and packed with music, sport, handicrafts, nature trips, poetry and exhibitions.

Responsible for the music are the Sommelo Folk Music Festival, the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, the Kuhmo branch of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Kuhmo Arts Centre. Sommelo will be offering folk music, courses for little fiddlers and others, and this year’s highlight: the premiere on July 4 of a composition commissioned by Sommelo from Pekka Jalkanen. Classical music will be the domain of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival: items from the standard repertoire performed by students on the music courses, and two concerts aimed specifically at children. The course students will be putting on a children’s concert of their own called The Cat’s Seasons on July 24, and the festival’s own children’s concert on July 25 will feature Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals. During the latter, actress Alma Pöysti will read (in Finnish) stories on animal topics written by Kuhmo children. The summer musicians at the Kuhmo Arts Centre will be playing both classical and folk music, and also light music at their coffee concerts. There will be special concerts for children on June 30 and July 6. The Kuhmo branch of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare will be bringing children’s music to Kuhmo at a concert on July 4.

Kainuun Pirtti will be organising lots of fun with handicrafts. Visitors to the Kainuun Pirtti workshops on July 17 and 24 can make ‘willow-strip mosquitoes’ (useful for lighting a fire) and decorative fireflies.

Food will be the topic of the Lentiira Village Association’s day on July 13, when the ladies of the village will teach children how to make Karelian pasties. The Association’s Yard Olympics on the same day promise plenty of excitement. Food will combine with nature on the Pancakes and Games evening run by the Petola Nature Centre at Lentua on July 9. Then on July 10 the Kuhmon Hanka-Martat Martha organisation will put on a family outing aiming to discover, pick and taste edible wild herbs and vegetables. Visitors can also explore nature at the Petola Nature Centre’s exhibition tours focusing on large wild beasts. July 13 will be Bear Day and take a look at the myths and rituals associated with bears.

Anyone wanting some fun and exercise may enter for the Kuhmolainen Athletics Cup or join a Tanssin Ystävät dance course. There will be running races and long-jump in the Athletics Cup, and modern dance, show dancing, breakdance, jazz dancing, circus art, creative dance and yoga on the dance courses, with a show at the end to demonstrate what has been learnt. The teachers on the courses are Mikko Ahlgren, Annika Sarvela, Elias Girod and Ritva Kuha.

The guided MLL playground activities are designed to appeal to a broad target group: games, crafts and paper chase-like trails at the Mäkikatu playground.

Information about The Kalevala, Finland’s national epic, will be provided by Juminkeko. Animal figures will be leading games and crafts at the Cat and Dog sessions, magic tricks will be the subject for July 22 and 23, and there will also be adventure trails and multimedia shows inspired by the world of The Kalevala.

Kuhmo Library will be holding shadow theatre performances on July 26, and an exhibition devoted to spirits and goblins every day in July. The museums will also put on special tours for children: the Tuupala house museum looking at life on the farm as seen by a young serving girl, and the Winter War Museum the wartime work of the little auxiliary girls. A little maid will lead a party to the ruined Myllypirtti cottage on July 18.

All of these will be available during Jolly July in summer 2013. Jolly July will officially begin at the Kuhmo Arts Centre at 6 pm on June 30 with a children’s concert by the summer musicians, on the open-air stage.

The idea behind Jolly July is to demonstrate to anyone working with children and young people the importance of quality culture and nature experiences to the favourable growth and development of the child. The events will, it is hoped, attract audiences and participants of all ages, because shared fun or thought-provoking moments linger as pleasant memories far into the future.

The marketing of Jolly July has been sponsored by Kuhmon Osuuspankki bank and the local newspaper Kuhmolainen.

A Jolly July brochure will be published on May 6 and its visual image is once again the work of Klaus von Matt. Details of all the events can be found at

Further info:
members of the Children’s Kuhmo team:
Juminkeko, Sirpa or Markku Nieminen,
tel. 08 653 0670
Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, Sari Rusanen,
tel. 044 544 5162
Kuhmo Arts Centre, Matti-Jussi Pollari,
tel. 08 6155 5451
Petola Nature Centre, Eeva Pulkkinen,
tel. 0205 64 6380
Sommelo Folk Music Festival, Pekka Huttu-Hiltunen, tel. 044 250 1396



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